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The Untapped Team Advantage is your ultimate guide to building high-performance team, and sustaining them. Here is what Jean-Francois Couve, General Manager GSK Consumer Healthcare, Thailand, thinks about the book: « Leaders win games, teams win championships…Peter’s inspiring book will definitely help you look at your team differently, and redefine your role and responsibility as a team leader. Keep on growing your teams and help them realize their full potential ! «

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What’s your question ?

With 630 questions divided into 90 different categories, you will definitely find a suitable one to ask that will help you launch meaningful conversations or trigger more and better questions. This book, authored by Choon Seng Ng, is a handy resource when you are required to ask a variety of questions to challenge yourself, help others to reflect, empower your team, and develop breakthrough ideas.


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Optimizing the Power of Action Learning

Peter co-authored the third edition of the seminal reference book on Action Learning, Optimizing the Power of Action Learning, with Professor Michael Marquardt, Shannon Banks and Choon Seng Ng. The book explains in detail the six components critical to the success of Action Learning and gives a clear step by step description of how to introduce Action Learning in your organization to solve complex problems, develop leadership skills, build genuine teams and change cultures.


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Inspired by Peter Drucker’s quote, Peter posits “Why teams eat culture for breakfast”. Culture may be a nice organizational concept to talk about, but it is really in the teams that things happen, or not. Still unsure about where to focus your leadership ? Maybe this read will clarify why teams is really the core of your performance.

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Peter was a guest on Singapore’s CNA938 radio station, talking about teams, the role of leaders in building a team, the importance of the connections, dealing with dysfunctions … and much more !

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In this webinar, Peter explains the foundation of building a high-performance team. Team psychological safety is easy to describe but harder to put in place. Peter explains in detail how team psychological safety impacts a team’s performance and how you can achieve measurable improvements in a team’s level of psychological safety.

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Organizations around the world have used action learning to solve complex problems, grow leaders and build real teams. All at the same time. This article explains why Action Learning is so powerful and how it can help your team as well. Read more: Harnessing the Power of Action Learning

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Peter was a guest on the Team Coaching Zone, a great platform with resources for team coaches. In this podcast, he explains how Action Learning is a powerful form of team coaching and what sets it apart from other forms of team coaching.

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Peter’s research on the topic of team psychological safety focuses on how to concretely and measurably impact a team’s level of psychological safety. Check out this article published on Research Gate for a complete overview of how psychological safety is critical for a team’s performance.

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