• His coaching style is intuitive, interactive, eye-opening, and makes sense.
  • Peter is a very passionate and pragmatic professional in the field of team development. His long management experience in the private corporate sector, his natural leadership as the owner of TEAM AS ONE and his capabilities to speak fluently French, English and Thai makes the difference for his programs. We will definitely carry on working together in the future for MANE Teams stake.
    David, MANE
  • Peter brings the experience of a long hands-on operational career to his team coaching, which adds credibility and relevance to what he suggests.
    David, LYRECO

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About Us

A well-oiled team means sustainable success. Take away the “heart” (the team’s synergy) and you’ll soon find yourself in a situation where each member works independently and burnout becomes inevitable.
TEAM.AS.ONE is the one-stop solution brought to you by Peter Cauwelier, a certified team coach who has a track record of helping teams strengthen their “heart” (synergy and dynamics) and their “hard” (the business results).

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