The Client

Zodiac Aircatering Equipment (Thailand)

The Project

The manufacturing unit of the global leader in the aerospace industry wanted its leadership team to work better together rather than each focusing on their department’s priorities.

The leadership team’s target was to increase engagement and a feeling of ownership in amongst the employees in the factory. The team worked together through a series of action learning sessions spread over three months to identify root causes and create new solutions.

The Solution

The leadership spent time to understand what the root of the issue is before jointly working out an action plan. The team also reflected on how they could function better together and identified steps to move to a high performance team.

« I used to think that our leadership team was doing OK but I realized through the team sessions that most of our time together was in reporting meetings. The team sessions propelled the management team to a whole different level of awareness and collaboration. »

Jerry van Vive
General Manager – 2017