The Client

Essilor International is the worldwide leader for visual correction. The company is known for its technical expertise and continuous innovation. The Operations division had identified the need to embark on a comprehensive leadership development approach across all levels.

The Project

Grow Your Team helps managers of all levels (re)discover the keys of leading a team, and apply these in their daily tasks. Groups of 15 managers go through the 6 months, 5-module program, with an important focus on feedback between the modules (through Action Learning and coaching) and implementation of the management tools.

The Solution

After two years, more than 400 managers in Asia completed the program. With a shared language around leadership principles and a basic set of shared tools used at all levels in the organization, the culture is really changing and our employees’ engagement is on the rise.

« The Grow Your Team program is really making a difference in the way managers and supervisors work with their team. The action learning sessions are the most appreciated part of the program, and with Peter’s help, we are developing internal resources to sustain the change effort. »

Christophe Brun
VP Asia Operations HR