The Project

The leader in oil and gas exploration and processing called upon us to improve overall working atmosphere in the office team. A lot of tensions existed that had never been addressed.

The Solution

A series of interviews with team members highlighted a silo mentality with no real willingness to improve collaboration across departments. We designed a series of sessions based on Belbin Team Roles to have the difficult conversations that the team needed to address the issues from the past.

Giving basic feedback to peers was something none of the team members had ever done. The simple steps lead to intense and sometimes emotional but always positive conversations and real dialogue. The sessions created the foundation of new working relationships that the team is still benefitting from.

« I have worked in this team for three years and it is the first time that we are having discussions where we actually work together to find solutions rather than each – including me ! – defending our positions. I look forward to the future with this team. »
Finance Director – 2016