Motivate your leaders to build high-performance teams

Every single leader in your organization knows what a team is and how important collaboration is to achieve results. But very few have a concrete method to turn a team of individuals in a high-performance team.

Peter strongly believes that teams are the untapped and yet freely available advantage that any leader can deploy to impact performance. His TEAM.AS.ONE model is based on theory yet has practical tools and techniques that leaders at any level can use to build a real team.

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Anywhere in the world …

Peter has delivered keynotes at conferences and corporate events in Brazil, the Netherlands, China, Poland, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.

Participants always take away that developing a high-performance team deserves to be on the top of their priority list, and that there are lots of very practical approaches to make that happen!

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… or online to reach your organization around the world

Online sessions are customized to your organization’s context and priorities. Depending on timezones, you can reach your teams across the globe to inspire them to embark on the journey of high performance!

Peter has delivered online keynote talks for Nissan, LendLease, Johnson&Johnson and Siam Cement Group to name a few.


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