Q: How much does a TEAM.AS.ONE program cost?

A: Every team and its context is unique, so we create a unique program each time. Therefore the cost varies depending on the number of sessions required and the type of assessment done. The program design is flexible, and we always adopt our program to your time and budget constraints.

Q: How is TEAM.AS.ONE different from Team Building?

A: What we do is real team building. Essentially, we help teams work on your organization’s actual priorities and discover ways in which the complex challenges can be overcome. We don’t take teams out on activities or adventure trips; we focus on nurturing team spirit, leading to greater work efficiency and sustainable business results.

Q: How long does a program last?

A: The length of the program depends on the level of development a team is in need of. An initial assessment identifies the current state in terms of team dynamics and productivity. A more dysfunctional team may need 6 months or more of coaching, whereas a team that is doing pretty well may require only 3 months of support. In any case, our service is bespoke: each program is developed specifically for the team in question.

Q: Who is Peter Cauwelier and what are his qualifications?

A: Peter has over 20 years of experience in leading teams across Asia. It is with this experience that he came across many issues and noticed a recurring theme: teams need to work better together. He also holds a number of team coaching and development certificates including: MBTI, Belbin Team Roles, Master Action Learning Coach (WIAL), Change Pro facilitator, Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF) and Certified Team Performance Coach (TCI).

Q: How do you measure team synergy and business success?

A: We measure what we call the “heart” of the team (team synergy) through anonymous questionnaires that create a measure of the team benchmarked against high-performance teams. The “hard” of the team is the concrete business performance and objectives the team delivers. The TEAM.AS.ONE program will measure improvements both in the “soft” and the “hard” part of the team. You will have solid evidence that the TEAM.AS.ONE program brings the results you need.

Q: Where do you hold TEAM.AS.ONE sessions?

A: We work where your team works. That’s because our programs are developed around the real issues your business is facing. We can come to your premises at a time that suits your team, without the need for you all to travel to a specific location.