• Peter's insights on cultural awareness is a "must have" for any international manager.
    Rob, Mazars
  • Peter's first hand experience of managing very high levels of complexity in a global organization enables him to make his offerings highly practical, effective and sustainable. He is an exceptional facilitator or coach in the field of team building or leadership development.
    Srikanth, Act With Insight
  • I was truly impressed by how exceptional the process was to make efficient, focused, drama-free problem solving possible while introducing healthy collaborative dynamics in the teams.
    Ildiko, Needeed

About Us

A well-oiled team means sustainable success. Take away the “heart” (the team’s synergy) and you’ll soon find yourself in a situation where each member works independently and burnout becomes inevitable.
Team.As.One is the one-stop solution brought to you by Peter Cauwelier, a certified team coach who has a track record of helping teams strengthen their “heart” (synergy and dynamics) and their “hard” (the business results).

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